Full Day Bali Ubud Tour

Bali Ubud Tour is one of the famous tours in Bali to visit places of interest in Ubud and surrounding area. The tour is very exciting to explore the traditional village with it social activities and culture from the local community. It is wonderful trip to see the Balinese life with full of culture and art. Tour starting at 8.30 am from hotel, the first stop is Batu Bulan Village with performance Barong and Kris Dance, Celuk Village to see Gold and Silver smith, Batuan Village with balinese traditional compoud,ubud village for its monkey forests ,royal palace and tegallalang rice terrace, the tour finish at 5 pm. our professional english speaking driver with private full air-conditioning car transfer to complete your enjoyable on tour.

Celuk Village

Barong and Kris Dance in Batubulan village

Nowdays Batubulan village is one of tourist places and destination in Bali, it is popular with barong dance and stone carving .It is about 8 km from Denpasar. Batubulan had been known since a long time by the tourists because it’s handicrafts namely statues that made of sand stone. It can be seen along the road of Batubulan. The identity and image as an art village, Batubulan has been famous in Indonesia and all over the world which has been built based on an artistic blessing dance of Barong (Barong and Keris dance). Barong Dance is daily performed at five different stages in this countryside, like Puseh Temple Stage, Tegal Tamu Stage, Denjalan Stage, Sahadewa Stage and Sila Budaya Stage.

Celuk Village

The village of Celuk, located approximately 4km southwest of the Sukawati District, is also Bali’s major centre for goldsmiths and silversmiths,The main road of Jalan Raya Celuk is lined up with galleries and workshops. The gold and silver items crafted here are of high quality and feature unique and elaborate designs as the craftsmen are known for their skills .Almost all of the households in the village are homes to jeweller families and each Celuk villager possesses artistic skills in developing and executing intricate designs and varying patterns.The gold and silver items they produce include souvenirs and mass export items such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, studs, broaches and many other Balinese ceremonial accessories and adornments.

Balinese Traditional House Compound in Batuan village

Batuan village located 15 kilometres from Denpasar, we will visit the traditional house compound where the local people live in and spend their daily life every day.The form of this compound is the same anywhere in Bali but here the owner keep it that way so it makes it very uniqe. It comprises several buildings, the east building is used to make offerings, and the south building will be a kitchen. The west building is commonly used for the parent’s room, and the north building is the children rooms or used as the place of the offerings. However, Hindu people in Bali build their temple in northeast in the area of the house, called family temple, and they make offerings everyday.

Ubud Monkey Forest

Ubud Monkey Forest is a small rain forest dwelt by some group of monkeys and other tropical animals. It is strategically located in the hearth of Ubud Village. Monkey Forests in Balinese language called Wanara Wana are spread out in the island and Ubud Monkey Forest itself own very important function of the continuity the monkey habitat in Bali. Meanwhile the local community own important role to keep this forest naturally in order to all wild animals able to live smoothly.

Ubud Royal Palace

Puri Saren is an Ubud Royal Palace situated in the heart of Ubud Village and became a famous tourist destination the Founder of Ubud Kingdom who led the kingdom from 1800 – 1823 was Ida Tjkorda Putu Kande is. This palace is a center of art and cultures while the market which is just in front of it as a center of local community’s economy.

Tegallalang Rice Terrace

Located on 5 km northern part of Ubud Village,Tegallalang rice terrace become one of most famous tourist attraction for beautiful rice terrace. Various woodcarvings can be found in this village and its neighbors. Very colorful carvings of flowers, animals and other designs are displayed along the road, and of course a beutiful rice terrace.

 Bali Ubud Tour Itenerary

  • 08:30 – Pick up at the hotel
  • 09.30 -Watching Barong and Kris Dance at Batubulan village
  • 10.30 – Visit Celuk village to see Gold and Silver work
  • 11.00 -visit traditional balinese compound in batuan
  • 12.00 – visit ubud monkey forest
  • 13.00 -lunch at local restaurant
  • 14.00 -Ubud Royal Palace
  • 15.00 -tegallalang rice terrace
  • 16.00 – Back to hotel
  • 17.00 – Arrive at hotel

Bali Ubud Tour Price :

  • Regular Tours Price :
    • IDR 500k /car ( max 6 person)
    • Inclusion : Car + Gasoline + English Speaking Driver + Parking fee +mineral water
  • Inclusive Tours Price :
    • IDR 500k /person
    • Inclusion : Car + English Speaking Driver + Ticket Barong Dance Performance + Entrance Fee + Lunch


  • Minimum booking 2 persons.
  • Tour duration between 8-10 hours
  • Get special price for group booking
  • Regular Tours Price : is a Bali day tours price without include lunch and entrance fee, you need to pay by your own self
  • Inclusive Tours Price : is a Bali day tours price with include lunch and entrance fee
  • The tour is Private Tours, means there is no other participant, just only you and your companion
  • Tour Guide can be requested, contact us if you want to request Tour Guide during the trip Time and Tourism site is subject to change based on your request.

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