TripAdvisor Bali Car and Driver Choosing Guide

Guidance for choosing TripAdvisor Bali Car and Driver

Bali is indeed a top holiday destination in Indonesia. The island has the wonderful beaches, strong cultural bond, and tradition. No wonder if thousands of people visit the island. When visiting Bali, one great way to enjoy the beauty of the island to the secluded places is to hire a car and driver. Having private car and driver to drive you here and there allows you to visit places that most of the tour travels do not visit.

There are lots of cars and driver rentals scattered around the island. Finding one is not a problem, but finding the right one is another story. You may have heard or review somewhere about car scam in Bali. The common cases are getting charged higher than the usual rate or not being able to visit the intended destinations. But the thing is car scams happen everywhere especially tourism places and for them, they are just doing the job and try to make a living.

how to choose TripAdvisor Bali car and driver

However, that does not mean that you should just go with any car rentals. Here are some TripAdvisor Bali car and driver tips to make sure that you get the best trip in the island.

Set your plan right – before coming to the island, it is important that you set the plan right especially the places that you want to visit. Do some research about the places and make a list of it. This will make the process for car searching easier since you already have the destinations. If it is possible to write down the destinations along with the address, just in case, the driver is not familiar with the places. If you drive on your own, getting the clear address and working GPS or map is basic to make sure that you reach the place safely.

Be crystal clear – as aforementioned, you need to be crystal clear about the destinations including the address, how long to get there, and stuff. This will help you to get an agreement with the driver since both of you have understood where the trip will head. If you do not quite know about the destinations or what you want to do on the island will make you hard to find a good driver. This because the driver can get confused about what you want and thus, he chooses the itineraries for you. To avoid the disappointment or the driver makes up the destination for you, make sure you have the destinations list and information about it in hand.

Always ask for prices – when in Bali, make sure to always ask about the price before you agree on anything. This is because one driver or rental charge is different from another. You can also ask fellow travelers about the average price of a car and driver for a day. Also, ask around first to know the average price to make sure that you are not overpriced. You use this method for other things as well to make sure that you are charged a fair price.

Ask for recommendations – just in case you are not getting enough vision from fellow travelers, the best that you can do is to ask recommendations from the hotel that you are staying. Yes, the hotel may receive a small commission, but they will likely only recommend you with good driver only. Their recommendation is indeed their reflection of the service. If they recommend you with the bad driver; it shows that the hotel service is also poor as well. Plus, you have another contact to complain if the trip does not go as planned.

Know the price details – when renting a car and driver in Bali, it usually already includes the gas price. But, it is better to ask the price details before agreeing to hire one. Make sure to ask what is included and what is not for the price that you are paying. Usually, it includes the driver fee and gas while meals, tourism entrance, and parking fee are excluded.

Insurance – most people ignore about the importance of insurance since they go with a driver. But, things happen without we even know it. Even though, we do not expect for accidents and such but include the insurance when hiring a car and driver is crucial. Make sure to ask the rental whether the price is included the insurance or not. There are some different insurance rates for hiring a car in Bali. It is also important to read carefully the agreement before renting a car.

Test out – if you are planning for multiple days trip, do not directly book for some days trip. It is better to test out the driver for shorter trips to see that you like the personality and he can be trusted to drive you in the long run. If you already book for multiple days trip and turns out does not like the driver; it will ruin the entire holiday.

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