Choosing 12 Seater Car in Bali with Driver, Check These Things First!

Choosing 12 Seater Car in Bali with Driver

choosing 12 Seater Car in Bali with Driver

Rent a car for group of family during holiday in Bali

For you who want to go vacation, Bali can be a good destination. As having known that Bali is one of the most beautiful destination for vacation. The beauty of the island and the culture there become a big magnet for all tourists. That is why there are many tourists both from local and foreign countries who want to come and be the witness and witnesses of this wonderful island. Indeed, before going there, you need to prepare many things such as the information about hotel, tourism places and also the 12 seater car in Bali with driver. The information having been mentioned before are the important ones since it will help you to get the easiness when your family or friends and you will go to the vacation. If talking about the 12 seater car in Bali with driver, it cannot be separated with the rental car agent. In Bali itself, there are many rental car agents since the need of this service is high enough there. As having been known that if the tourists in Bali like you want to go around this island, you need transportation, aren’t you? Indeed, it is not possible for you to bring your vehicle from your house if you go to Bali with a flight. That is why, you need to rent the car there if you want to go to the places as you want. It is not the one and only reason why you must rent the car in Bali. Besides, you will be easier in reaching the tourism places as you want, you also need to get a comfort before you reach the hotel. It means that you can rest in the car for a while before you rest at the hotel.

Knowing how to get a great choice of the car for 12 pax

Moreover, there are so many kinds of the cars that are rented, and 12 seater car in Bali with driver is one of them. In Bali, you can find various cars like Toyota Innova, Toyota Avanza, Suzuki Ertiga, and Suzuki APV which are offered to the all consumers. Those are high enough indeed, but for the capacity of the passengers, those kinds of the car only for 6 to 7 people only. If you want to go Bali with more than 10 people, maybe 12 people, renting one car will not be enough. In this case, you have to need rent 2 cars if you choose one of those kinds of the cars above. Renting two cars, actually it is not too effective for vacation. Why? First, you have to spend much money for it. Yes, renting two cars will be more expensive rather than renting one car only. Besides, you have to organize your group, you must divide 12 people into two groups, and them you must do a good communication with the other group in order that you will not lose them. That is why, rent 12 seater car in Bali with driver can be a good solution for you. If you have rented the 12 seater car in Bali with driver, you will be together with your family or friends in one car. You will get a togetherness with them without worrying about organizing the two different groups as when you rent two cars. After that, how to get the best choice for the 12 seater car in Bali with driver? For those who want to know more how to get the great choice of the car having 12 inside, you can get it in the following explanation.

The price of renting the 12 seater car in Bali with driver

To begin with in renting the 12 seater car in Bali with driver, you must know well that about the right car for 12 people. Since the cars having been mentioned above cannot be good for 12 people, you can choose minibus which is bigger and having more seats inside. Usually, the minibus which is offered for the group of the tourists in Bali which consist of more than 10 people, exactly 12 people, there is Isuzu Elf 12. This kind of the car actually has been famous with its model that is bigger than the other cars. Besides, the 12 seats inside the car will be the next great thing of this minibus. The larger spaces inside it also becomes the plus point since all of the passengers can feel more comfortable. With the Japanese seats, it adds the comfort feeling of the tourists. Then, the other thing you must know in renting the 12 seater car in Bali with driver is about the price. Actually, there are various prices offered in each rental car agent, and the common price for the 12 seats minibus is about $70. Indeed, you can choose the lower price of it. However, if you get the lower price when you rent the minibus, you must be careful about the service like the safety that will be offered by the agent for you.

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