Having Plan to Visit Bali? You Need to Know the Price for Private Driver in Bali

price for private driver in Bali

price for private driver in Bali

Information about personal driver in Bali

Bali, what do you think when you hear this place? It will be beautiful, wonderful and memorable, isn’t it? As it is known that Bali is one of the most favorable destinations for both local and foreign tourists. The beauty and the Balinese culture are the great things which the tourists can get in Bali. Thus, have you had plan to go there? If you have, of course, you need to know so many information about this wonderful island. It is starting from what tourism places that you will visit, where you will take a rest up to the price for private driver in Bali. Talking about the private driver, do we need it in Bali? As it is known that there will be several advantages which you can get if you have the private driver. For the first one is that you can go whenever you want in Bali without being afraid of misguided. What you must do here is only choose the tour as you want to. Besides, another advantage that you will get is you can have the tour guide in one package that is when you have the private driver. You are allowed to ask about the tourism which you will visit. The other, your journey to Bali will be more comfortable. In this case, you do not need to think what transportation you must take to go back to hotel. With the suitable price for private driver in Bali, you can get a greater thing.

Moreover, if you have not know yet about the information of the personal driver in Bali, now you do not need to worry anymore since here you can get all of the explanation you need in order that your plan to visit Bali will realize as soon as possible. In having a private driver, step one that you have to do is that you know that there are several things which can determine the cost you must pay to the agent. Since this private driver is usually provided in one package with the car, hence you can rent the car first in the trusted rental agent in Bali. In renting the car, the price for private driver in Bali actually almost the same. What makes it different is that the car you will rent. In this case, there are several cars which usually are rented and it includes the private driver. There are Toyota Avanza having 1400 cc engine, Suzuki APV for 7 passengers in maximum capacity, Isuzu Elf car for more passengers. For the car having a lower power of engine, usually the cost will be cheaper. Also, the number of the passengers who can take to the car also become the next thing which can determine the cost in paying the car and private driver. As having mentioned before, if you pay Bali private driver, there will be some great things you can get here, not only the car and the private driver who can help you to see the beauty of Bali Island, but you can get the mineral waters and you do not need to think about the patrol since it has been in one package. After that,driver in Bali cost is also determined by how long you will go in Bali. Here, the destination of the tourism places which you want to visit will influence how much the cost you have to pay to the rental car agent. For instance is the package of Nusa Dua – Uluwatu. You can choose this package if you want to see the beauty of Nusa Dua and Uluwatu. For the cheapest one, it is about $38 or Rp 500.000,- with Toyota Avanza, while for the second one, the cost is Rp 550.000,- or $42 with Suzuki APV. Then, if you want to get minibus car like Isuzu Elf having capacity 6 to 12 people, you must pay more about Rp 850.000,-. Last, for the car with 8 to 17 people, which you have to pay is Rp 1.200.000,- or about $100.

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Usually, how long you rent the car will determine the cost that you must pay as well. The example is if you rent the car shorter, you may just cost Rp 200.000,- up to Rp 300.000,-, yet if you rent the car with the private driver for a day trip, so you must be ready in paying more expensive cost about Rp 500.000,-. Actually, those costs having been explained above will be the same if you choose some packages with different tourisms places such as the Ubud tour, Volcano tour to Mount. Batur, and also the tour of Bedugul to Tanah Lot Temple. However, for the other rental car agent, the price for private driver in Bali can be both more expensive or maybe cheaper and make sure also check their reputation on tripadvisor.

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