With or Without: Driver with Transport at Bali

transport with driver in bali

transport with driver in bali

some suggestions about transportation in Bali

For travelers, explore the destination place is somewhat important. When you visit Bali, it is incomplete if you do not explore the local wisdom and places as there are wonderful things around. Therefore, it is essential for travelers to plan carefully what places they want to visit while in the island. The next step is choosing what transportation to get around. Due to the Island size; it should be not a problem to choose a driver with transport at Bali. There are plenty options of transportation rental which has a different rate as well. There are taxi, buses, bicycle, motorbikes, and so on. However, the problem is not what you are going to rent, but, do you choose to self-drive or hire a driver. If you choose motorbikes or bicycle, of course, you should ride it by yourself. When you are in a group or family; it is best to rent a car with or without a driver. Here are some points you need to know about transportation in Bali for your next holiday.

With Driver

There is some public transportation in Bali with cheap rate such as buses and minibus which run according to the routes in the island and also between islands. The public transportation somehow does not reach some tourist destinations especially if it is located in quite a remote area. Therefore, most travelers in the island choose to rent a vehicle to reach secluded tourist destination. Vehicle rents are a popular choice of transportation in Bali with driver or self-drive. No matter your choice, both are the good choice to wander around the island. If you choose a driver with transport at Bali, you have nothing to worry since the driver will get you to places. Renting a car with driver is best for travelers particularly who first time visiting Bali and do not familiar enough with the road condition and destinations. Moreover, in Indonesia including Bali, cars use to the left side driving. Most westerners will find it difficult to left side driving since they usually drive in the right side. In addition to the road conditions, there are many, literary many, of motorbikes in the street which travelers will find it dangerous. Travelers who want to rent a car with the driver should also be very careful. Even though Balinese people generally very friendly and nice; but it does not come out completely safe and clean. Getting recommendations from friends or family who had been there is a great way to get a trustworthy driver. A professional driver in Bali should have tour guide license. For a safer way, you can hire one from reputable travel and tour companies. There are some international car rental companies; however, it does not so popular compared to the private car rentals owned by Balinese people since it is relatively far more expensive.

Without Driver

For travelers who have stayed in the island for a while; it is indeed wise to rent a self-drive car rather than a driver with transport at Bali. There are plenty types of cars with various brands in Bali. In general, the cars are manual transmission; however, there are also some automatic styles for them who do not familiar to drive the stick shift. The automatic cars commonly are more expensive though since most of it is newly launched cars. You can choose the cars according to your need. If you travel with groups or family, a minivan can seat up to seven passengers is a good choice. For travelers on a budget, small care with maximal four passengers in can be a good option but make sure not to complain about comfort matter since it will be a little tight in the car. When renting self-drives car be very careful about insurance. Most of Bali cars for rent are uninsured which means the traveler is responsible if an accident happens no matter who is at fault. Even if you rent a car from insured rental, you will still need you to pay a certain amount of money if an accident happens. In addition, if you rent an insured car, you will be charged more extra money for accidents. Therefore, it is important to consult with the owner regarding the insurance and tell them your concern. If you are traveling with a child, it is important to know that child safety seat is often not used in the island since it is not required by the law. Of course, you need to pay more for that. To rent a self-drive car, you should have an international driving license even though the rentals usually do not ask for proof. However, the police will ask for complete papers such as the car paper and driving license, or else you will receive a ticket or pay an unofficial fine. Everyone can rent the car without age limitation and mo mileage limits. The agreement is to bring back the car in good shape and condition and that’s it.

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