Why Should Choose a Driver for Booking in Bali

a driver for booking in Bali

a driver for booking in Bali

Choosing a driver for booking in Bali

Bali is always a good destination to spend the holiday; the beautiful nature and unique culture and traditions are never failed to feast our soul and eyes. You probably find it hard to believe that this small island has plenty of wonderful tourist spots to visit ranging from breathtaking beaches to the rocky mountain. To be able to visit tourist destinations in Bali, either you have to rent a self-driven car or car with driver. The fact that every traveler seek for a comfortable and peace holiday; makes the local Balinese people realize the importance of transportation in the island. Even though there are public buses, minibuses, and taxi, however, they do not cover secluded areas and will likely operate on fixed route only. To fill the demand for more private and flexible transportation, many Balinese people make car rental. In general, there are two types of car rental in Bali; with driver and self-drive car. If you are a newcomer or first time comes to Bali, rent a car with driver is a great idea rather than drive by yourself. There are plenty of things you should know when you are choosing to drive by yourself such as the road condition since generally the road in Bali is narrow and many motorbike riders cut the lane from anywhere and anytime. Moreover, you also have a valid international driving license to be able to drive. The car rental may not need proof but the police do and surely you do not want to get in trouble for not having the valid paper. If you think that it is too complicated to drive by yourself; you can choose the Driver for Booking in Bali.

Checking the cost of driver in Bali

Renting a car with driver is also common in Bali as not anyone can drive there. However, certainly you have heard or read somewhere about tourists got rip off when hiring a driver. Sadly to say, even though there are great and honest drivers in Bali but there are also the opposite people. It means that you have to be very careful when you want a Driver for Booking in Bali. Some of the tourists may wonder what makes the rent costs so high and such thing. Well, there are few factors contribute in the rental costs which are the route, time, and type of car. The route of the journey is definitely the main point that determines the cost. The further the route that you choose, the more money you will likely to spend. That is why it is important to have your destination list and search thoroughly about it prior make a reservation with the driver. If you do not have destination list, the driver will make up for you and sometimes it does not fit with what you want. In addition, the amount of time spend is the second point that determines the driver costs. The longer you use the driver service, the more you will spend. Most of the car rentals base the rate on the length of the time. The common limit is 10 hours. You will be charged for the extra fee per hour when exceeding the time limit. Also, the car types contribute for how much rate you should pay. The newer and bigger car definitely costs more expensive than the old one but the more comfort you get.

Best things to do prior booking a driver in Bali

Even though renting a car with driver is not a must but it is advised for the tourists comfort sake. There are some advantages to choosing Driver for Booking in Bali; first, renting a car with driver, of course, give you comfort during your journey in Bali. You just need to sit and the driver takes you to places. Throughout your trip, you can ask the driver to stop anywhere to rest or just simply enjoy the scenery and take photos. Of course, you cannot have the same comfort when to take the public bus since it has fixed route. Moreover, plenty of drivers are also served as a tour guide who can give you information about the culture and local wisdom. However, the driver who served as tourist guide is surely more expensive than the driver only. Nevertheless, it is your choice overall whether you want a tour guide or a driver only. Prior booking a driver, make sure that he able to communicate in English with you. It will give you a serious headache for having language barriers with the driver as miscommunication tend to occur. You can ask for a recommendation from hotel or guesthouse you are staying for a reliable driver. Also, you should never agree on anything before you ask their price. Make sure you have destination list to visit and tell the driver about it or else, the driver will make the itinerary for you. Sometimes, the driver’s itinerary does not fit with what you want to visit.

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