Advantage and Tips to Hire a Driver for the Day in Bali

Hire a Driver for the Day in Bali

Hire a Driver for the Day in Bali

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Bali is undoubtedly a wonderful place to visit with plenty of tourist destinations to explore. The island may be your perfect getaway to get some warm sun on the beach. If you are planning to stay in Bali for the holiday, you probably need to think of Hire a Driver f or the Day in Bali. Perhaps you have seen Bali in a map and it appears as a small and tiny island; however, hundreds of tourism spots awaiting you. It is quite enchanting that the little island, as you see on the map, actually have plenty of tourism spots to refresh and spoil your soul. Bali is famous for the natural beauty and the unique culture and tradition. However, the sentence is way too far to describe the island since you need to go there and witness the beauty by yourself. The exoticism of the island indeed has made the entire world curious as it can hardly find the similar place. The curiosity of the world impacts on the increasing number of tourists who visit the island each year. It is a common knowledge that you need more than a day to explore Bali. From the east to the west side, there are plenty tourism spots to explore. It does not stop on the natural beauty only; however, the local wisdom, tradition, and culture are also the reasons for people to visit Bali. The government has been developed the tourism industry and carefully planned that the tourists invasion do not put the nature and culture in danger and still gives benefits for Balinese people. Facilities and accommodations have been built to guarantee the tourists comfort and it does stop and will always growing.For the Bali private rates range between USD 40 until USD 60 per car and it depends the car they use.

The easy transportation is a proof that Bali government put the tourists comfort in the first line of the industry development. You can find plenty types of transportation ranges from public bus, minibus and private rent cars, motorbikes, and many more. Whether you are a new comer, first timer, or even have been there for a while; it is better to rent a car to wander around the island. Rent a motorcycle is also a good idea only if you do not mind the intense heat and traffic in Bali. Therefore, rent a car especially with air conditioner will make your holiday better than ever. If you are confident enough to drive with the road condition in Bali, you can rent a car without a drive. Yet, it is not advisable for the first timer with no enough comprehension about the island condition since you will have to drive on the left side and of course, intense traffic will waste your time. It is not a bad idea to Hire a Driver for the Day in Bali since you have more chance to enjoy the holiday. Most of the car rentals in Bali is owned by the local people, but some international car rentals are also available but less famous due to the more expensive price. Using a personal driver definitely gives you more privacy which especially if you are with family or friends. In addition, with the help of private driver; it is easy to explore even the most secluded places in the island. So, you do not miss a thing even though you have a short time for the vacation.

Tips for hiring a private guide driver in Bali

There are plenty car rentals and even individual drivers everywhere in the island and finding one is not that difficult. However, finding the right one is a different story to tell since there are also common tourist traps in the industry. Here are some tips to Hire a Driver for the Day in Bali for your consideration.

Be crystal clear – you should be crystal clear on your time, tourist destination and itineraries, or anywhere you want to go. If you already have ideas or list of the destinations, make sure to talk to the driver and seek an agreement that both of you are crystal clear of what the trip will be. If you do not know where to go; the driver will make the itinerary for you. However, you probably end up visiting places less desirable and end up disappointed.

Ask for prices – never agree on anything without asking the price first. You also have to get the idea of the common driver rate. Ask other travelers for how much they usually pay the driver and also ask other drivers for the comparison rate. Also, you will also know that you are paying a fair price.

Know what you are paying – the price to rent a car in Bali usually only includes the gas; the driver charges separately. Also, you will have to pay an extra fee such as temple entrance, parking fees, meals and such. Make sure you know what you should pay and what has been included on the price.

Recommendation – it is a better idea to ask recommendations from hotels and guesthouse you are staying since you can easily complain if the trip does not go as planned.

Test out – always test out before hiring a driver for a long time journey to make sure that you are comfortable and trust the driver.

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