Tips tour to Bali

Have you ever  to Bali?. If you have never been to Bali and had plan to Bali , the best way to see the island is to join a tour. Why should you join the tour ……..? at least you can save your time and energy during a holiday in Bali so ….. you just choose whether you want to enjoy the beautiful mountain, a traditional village atmosphere, or learn about the history of Bali,,,,,,
You just select or set the time so that your holiday to Bali worth more than you trying to manage your transportation and activities.
There are many tours in Bali, choose one that suits your needs.Here ,I will try to give an example of a tour guide to Bali:

Barong and Kintamani Tour:

Bali has several beautiful active volcanoes , Mount Batur is the famous volcano in Bali.1,700 metres active volcano offers dramatic views of volcano and serene Lake Batur.On this tour ,you visit the Elephant Cave temple, woodcarving village of Mas, Mount Batur and Trunyan Village, a traditional village which remained preserved.

Karangasem tour:

beautiful places you will visit on this tour is Gowa Lawah temple and Besakih temple which is the biggest temple in Bali.For you who likes to know Balinese culture and history,this tour is a must to consider.

Tanah Lot Tour:

You can spend a little time at the famous Monkey Forest in this tour. The best way is you must have a guide here to protect your belongings from the naughty monkey.Tanah Lot temple is one of the most sacred places in Bali. The meaning of Tanah Lot is  Land in the Middle of the sea,and superb views of the temple backed by the glowing sunset can be seen from this point nearby.

There are many kinds of tours to Bali, you can use a bus tour, charter a private car, or motorcycle,,,,,, so just select that suits  your needs.I will See you in the next article .


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