Some Tourism Destination Tours in Bali for 8 Pax with reasonable price

tour in Bali for 8 pax

tour in Bali for 8 pax

When searching for tourism destination tour in Bali for 8 pax you need to find the tour tour which available and give you reasonable price. Commony, if you search for driver to deliver you and your partners in van or minibus it may costs a lot. But, if you try to find the tour agent you may negotiate the price with some wonderful destinations.

Some destination tour in Bali for 8 pax with reasonable price

  1. Denpasar City Tour

The tour in Denpasar City is really interested for the tourist who are visiting Bali for the first time. In this case the tour in Bali for 8 pax is available in half day tour. The tour commonly starts at 8.30 a.m. until 3 p.m. with around USD 40 or 400.000 rupiahs per car. It is including car petrol, entrance fee, air conditioning in car and English speaking driver. The destination for Denpasar city tour are Badung Market, Bali Museum, Jagatnatha Temple, Bajra Sandhi Monument, and Art Center.

  1. Ubud Art and Culture Tour

As a tourist you will be interested in visiting Ubud which is known as the center of Art and Culture in Bali. For you who wants to find the reasonable price of this tour you may search the tour agent which welcome the huge amount of tourists for the tour. Ubud has some tourism destination such as Mas Village, Celuk, Goa Gajah (the cave), Tampak Siring (the Holy Spring and Temple), Tegalalang and Ubud Monkey Forest. By choosing these places you may enjoy both art and culture in one city area. Moreover, this tour is offered with reasonable price. It is around USD 60 – USD 70 for 8 pax per car. This will be great tour for you and your partners.

  1. Kintamani Volcano and Lake

This tour presents you the beauty of eastern part of Bali. The tour is full day tour with Kintamani Volcano view, Batur Temple, Native Balinese Cemetry in Trunyan, and Gunung Kawi Temple as your destination. The unique experience will you feel when you visit Trunyan, where the Native Balinese only put the corspe of dead people at the bottom of Taru Tree. This has been for years which become tradition until now. In order to experience this you can take it by thinking abot the price. The price is around USD 160 – USD 170 for 8 pax. This price is reasonable price for tour in Bali for 8 pax.

  1. Besakih Temple Tour

As Besakih become the Balinese Mother Temple, it is necessary  for you to visit the biggest temple in Bali. The tour is not only to Besakih Temple but through Bukit Jambul and Kerta Gosa (The Ancient Court). The price is around USD 150 – USD 200 for 8 pax per car.

  1. Lovina Tour

If you want to visit North Bali, you must try to see dolphin in the sea. The itinerary for Lovina tour is seeing the dolphin starts at 5 a.m., visiting Banjar Hot Spring, seeing Gitgit waterfall and enjoying the panorama of Beratan lake. This tour in Bali for 8 pax you can redeem for USD 160 for 8 pax per car.


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