The worst time for a vacation to Bali….

Do you know when the worst time for a vacation to Bali ….? Maybe the answer is around Christmas and New Year. Why ……? Probably a lot of people will ask  Isnot Christmas and the new year is the perfect time for a vacation to Bali,,,,?. On this article, Im trying  to give consideration to you,,

Hotels and villas are usually at Christmas and New Year’s fully booked, causing travelers should book a hotel room or villa further. High demand not only in the level of hotel and villa reservation, but also occurs in other tourism accommodations such as transportation products and  restaurants.Most of  luxury villas increase the price 30 to 40 percent, cheap hotels for backpackers even doubled of the normal price.

Be very interesting to visit Bali in certain periods, especially enjoying the atmosphere of the beach which is famous for its tropical beaches. But remember between December and January are usually at the peak of Bali rainy season. The months in which the continuous rain for days. Even when the rain stops, usually very rare to find a clear blue sky with bright sunshine. Most wet and dull day even when the rain stops falling.

Tropical beaches of Bali has many wonderful things to offer, but all of these require sunny day.Though day to visit the attraction, watching performance art, this activity will be perfect when we have sunny. If you are planning a holiday to bali can consider this situation … or you can find the other months,,, ….

Hopely this article useful for you and greetings from Bali ….

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