Why Tourist keep coming to Bali….?

Why holiday to Bali remains a favorite getaway for tourists,,,,,,,,,?. In this article I will try to discuss some of the reasons why tourists still consider Bali as a holiday spot for honeymoon couples or for a family vacation or even for those who love adventure.

Oh yea,,,, There are a number of reasons why Bali is still an option for tourists both domestic and foreign. By and large these factors are influenced by the geography and culture that Bali becomes more prominent than the other islands in Indonesia even in the world.Ok we discuss one by one,,,,,
* Weather * Despite rainy season occurs between December and March, but with temperatures ranging between 20 and 33 degrees Celsius, it is still convenient for us to enjoy a day at the Bali hotel while waiting for the bad weather passes. Even during the rainy season, the rain tends to come in the evening so,,, daylight you can use it for your activities.

* Outdoor recreation * Bali very much have the leisure attractions ranging from white sand beaches, lakes, mountain tourism, forest and zoo,,,, just complet….. that is perfect to be enjoyed by tourists of all ages …..

* History * Who is not familiar with the old history of the God island here  years.The Tourists will find many temples were built over a thousand years ago still stands and well protection. We still can see the kingdom of Bali once the site is now used as an object admired tourist. Tourists can also learn the history of ancient Bali here.

* Culture and customs * World acknowledge the hospitality of the Balinese are inherited by the ancestors and continues to be done in everyday attitude especially towards tourists both foreign and domestic

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