Best tips how to book villa in Bali

Bali island is very popular among the tourists both domestic and foreign and still put Bali as a major destination for a vacation. It can be inferred from the data of tourist visits to Bali is gradually increasing in number every year. Therefore demand for tourism accommodation in Bali particular room is growing up.The trend that developed at this time is a lot of new villas built to help meet the needs of lodging rooms in Bali.

In general, the most favored area by the tourists is the southern part of Bali, because it is a coastal area. Example of Kuta and Nusa Dua….. always crowded with tourists and there are a lot of hotels and villas alongside beach.For  you who wants  a relaxed atmosphere and a little more privacy we suggest to try renting a villa. To select a villa that would rent you should be wise, for that I try to discuss tips on choosing the Bali villas.

One of the keys to good search for rental villa in Bali is by using google on the internet,,,, searches that include descriptive adjectives such as “pure”, “calm”, and “lonely”. Many of the sites that you will find villa owned by companies trying to sell their home themselves, so that their picture of the environment and facilities are not objective and can sometimes be deceiving. It is therefore more prudent way is to find the comments that have been staying at the villa. Look for comments as much as possible so that we have a conclusion whether the facility or home care good or not.

For those of you who want to enjoy the natural mountain, Mount Agung villa area of ​​approximately 60 km on the east of Denpasar is one of the popular choices among tourists. In this region is very suitable for those of you who wants to avoid the holiday crowds. You can start your search by entering google geographical names in your search terms. And another one of our tips before renting a villa in Bali, read a lot before you decide.


That is for today we continue next time,hope you choose the right villa at your holiday in Bali.Have a good day

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