Uluwatu Sunset Tour

Uluwatu Sunset Tour

enjoy Uluwatu Sunset Tour

Uluwatu sunset tour is one of plenty programs for a half or full day tour in Bali. This tour is popular and loved by many guests all over the world. Uluwatu attracts visitors by its natural panorama with a wonderful backdrop of sunset that decorates the sky. This view makes Uluwatu becomes one of must visit objects in the island of paradise, Bali.

Where is Uluwatu located?

Uluwatu is located in Pecatu village on the southern part of Bali. If you look at Bali map, you will see Uluwatu is located right on the bottom, with Indian Ocean side by side. If you are in Kuta area, you can reach this place around 30 minutes driving. It can be shorter or longer depends on the traffic situation. So you can end your lovely day by spending your afternoon time in a half day Uluwatu sunset tour.

The attraction of Uluwatu

Uluwatu sunset tour is not merely about the beauty of sunset itself. When you are getting on the entrance, you will see a small area of forest on both right and left side which is divided by a path in the middle to lead you enter further. In the forest, there live a big numbers of monkeys that become another attraction for the visitors. They have used to the presence of human, so they will not do any harm to you, unless you attract them yourself by your belongings. The monkeys will get attracted by glowing things that you bring such as sun glasses, camera, mobile phone, jewelries, etc. So, keep your belongings safely to avoid their attention.

In that area you will be entertained by lots of monkeys swimming in their private pool. Grab a chance to take their picture in there. In Uluwatu, you can see a magnificent Hindus temple which stands on a cliff bank as one ofhistorical heritage of Bali built in Megalithic era. At the sunset time, you can see the silhouette of the temple covering the panorama in Uluwatu.

Another thing that makes Uluwatu sunset tour very special is you can enjoy a traditional performance of Kecak dance at the sunset time. You can watch the dance while enjoying the sun sets on the west. This is why you are often recommended to visit Uluwatu in sunset hour, so you will get this unforgettable moment. Kecak dance is very popular with more than 50 male dancers who yell “cakcak” as the back sound. So, you will not hear any musical instrument in this dance. The dance has been modified with fire attraction and a little scene to burst your laughter.

What to bring?

When you do Uluwatu Sunset tour, don forget to prepare camera to capture the beauty of nature around you. It is recommended if you dress properly as you will enter holy temple area. But don’t worry too much because you are provided by a Balinese sarong if you need it before entering the area. Apply sunblock as the weather is often hot and insect repellant if you are sensitive with insect bites.

If you want to enjoy Uluwatu Sunset tour,please do not hesitate to let us know and we will be very happy to accomodate you.



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