Some factors that contributes to the Bali driver cost

The Bali driver cost

The importance of The Bali driver in your holiday

There are many considerations for the tourist in the case of spending money in Bali. The Bali driver cost is one of it. Nobody wants to travel an uncomfortable travel. The main reason on why people go on a travel is to seek for pleasure and happiness. The other reasons is to find balance in mind and soul. How come those intentions be reached with an uncomfortable journey? There is no way for it to happen. For that reasons also, it is important for all tourist to feel comfortable in their journey. One of the options for the tourist to have such journey is by renting a driver. To have a comfortable holiday in Bali, of course it needs to have local Bali driver. For that reason, the question on how much Bali driver cost is a question for all tourists who consider in having their own local driver in their vacation in Bali.

 Advantages for having your own driver

Before we jump on the question of what determine the rate of a driver in Bali, we need to examine the advantages of having it for the sake of our vacation. The first advantage, as highlighted above, is it will give more comfort to our journey. We can just sit inside car and travel all around Bali. We can ask the driver to stop anywhere we want during the journey. We can stop anywhere we want just to rest and enjoy the scenery or simply taking pictures. This activity will not be able to do when we choose to have mass transportation. When we want to stop, we will be drop in that particular place and the car will simply leave us.

The second, we do not need to spend our time in bargaining the price with the driver. This can save up your money indeed. However, it will also consume a lot of your time to talk with the local driver –with their limited ability in English- and also to find the right car with a correct route. This will decrease your chance to enjoy the island because your time has lost in the right-car-finding process.

 Some contributing factors

What are the things that contribute to the Bali driver cost? Some factors that contribute to the cost of it are listed below.

1.The route

The route for your journey will contribute to the amount of money you have to spend for your local Bali driver. The further the route, the more you will likely to spend for you personal Bali driver. It’s best for you to search for the places that you want to visit first before making a reservation for a local Bali driver.

2.The amount of time

The longer you use the service, the higher the Bali driver cost will be. Many car-rental-stations in Bali base their rate on the length of time for their service. The general limit is 10 hours. The tourist will be charged for extra money per hour when they have reached the time limit.

3.The type of car used

Renting Bali driver comes together with the car. The bigger and newer the car is, the higher the cost will be. It is now more convenience for the tourist to make their reservation because many rental stations had listed their Bali driver cost along with the car type. The tourist can carefully choose it before they make their reservation.

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