Private Driver Bali Cost

know Private Driver Bali Cost

Private Driver Bali Cost

Are you wondering to hire a private driver for your holiday in Bali? Of course, you will consider about how much a private driver Bali cost is. The price may be varying based on the service given to you.

Why you need a private driver

There are always new and interesting places to go. Bali which is known as the island of paradise has numerous kind tourism objects for everyone from all over the world. Driving in Bali can be a challenge for you when you are in Bali. But, sometimes it is not very easy to drive in a highway which may be different from your country. If you do not want to deal with such thing, go finding a private driver to lead your holiday is a good decision. It let you to fully enjoying your trip without concerning too much on how you will get to here and there to explore this island of thousand temples.

What determines the cost?

Theprivate driver Bali cost cannot be exactly the same. It depends on many factors. Every driver usually has their own rate based on the service they offer to you. Here are some general things that may affect the cost of a private driver.

  • How far. The cost of a private driver is according to how far you ask them to drive. How far you are going to get your destination. The more distance you want, the higher you need to pay them. It is simply because they need to add more fuel and more time to drive the route you want.
  • How long. The cost for a half day tour usually cheaper than a full day tour. The average for private driver Bali costis around IDR 250,000 for a half day tour and around IDR 400,000 for a full day tour. But it is not same everywhere. If you happen to check on several agents, you may find different range of price for every service offered.
  • Types of vehicles. The types of vehicles used are also play role in pricing the private driver Bali cost You usually need to pay more for the better and more comfortable car. Everyone must want to enjoy and relax during their trip. So, for getting this comfort, spend a bit more is worthy enough.
  • Driver and guide. If you want to make your trip meaningful, you have to understand about the place you visit or the culture you see. In this case, you may need a guide. In Bali, plenty of drivers act as a tour guide as well. You just need to add a bit more for their skill in giving you any information you need to know. A private driver Bali cost is higher to involve their ability in speaking in your language, usually in English. Many of them are fluent to speak in other foreign languages. So, you will have no big difficulties in expressing your wants or feeling.

The price for every agent is different. Many of them put a charge if you cancel or delay the trip, but the rest will keep it free as long as you give advance information.

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