Bali Local Tour Guide Overview, Bali Local Guidance Tips, Cost Local Guide

Bali Local Tour Guide

Bali Local Tour Guide

Bali Local Tour Guide Overview

Bali Local Tour Guide (local tour guide in Bali) in-depth knowledge about a particular tourist attraction, especially in Bali. His job explaining detailed as possible to the members of the group from the historical background, manners, and habits of local people to place to buy souvenirs and eat at the venue. After the visit ended, ended its job well. While the tour leader (a leader of the group) has a group also accompany and serve the interests of the members of the group during the trip, ranging from taking boarding pass aircraft, baggage, transportation arrangements, check-in / out in a city hotel goals, division of rooms for participants to event scheduling problems. He must have managerial abilities and good communication.

Bali Local Tour Guide Cost

Facilities provided travel agents to tour leader consists of round-trip tickets, accommodation in the same place as where the participants stay, dining facilities during the trip, and the allowance which vary between USD 40-100 / day. Bali local tour guide is usually provided by a travel agency. Income two profession is quite lucrative. But it depends on the professionalism and experience. In some travel agencies in Europe, earning tour leader the range of USD 40 – USD 120 / day, depending on the duration and level of difficulty of the travel program.
For a city tour package which only lasted 3-6 hours,they could make USD 40-50. For travel for days as a tour guide as well as the head of the group (tour leader) range from USD 70-120 / day. That does not include the tips provided participants typically range from USD 2-3 / participant / day. Yet also includes commission from the merchant, if the group bought something in particular shop at the journey. Sometimes the merchant pays a commission of 10-20% of the total amount of gross sales proceeds from a group.

Bali Local Guidance Tips
Well following 5 guidelines be reliable and favored tourist guides, bali local guidance tips:
First, attractive appearance. Usually the guides are attractive, unique, clean, and fun will be the preferred tourists. Second, extensive knowledge. Tourist integrator who is knowledgeable not only about the sights visited but also many other things, more travelers usually gets compliments. Third, experience or high flying hours. Guiding the high flying hours have certainly had a much better insight than juniors. And it gets a plus in itself. Fourth, have a particular skill, for example, he is also a travel writer or travel photographer. Usually a travel writer / photographer used to explore a deeper object before it can produce a work that deserves to be publicized so automatic knowledge more widely and in anyway. Fifth, friendly. Guides were friendly with each tourist would be liked than knowledgeably. Nowdays , professional Bali local tour guide and leader of the group have become increasingly attractive travel agency or a particular community in view of the increasing interest of people traveling and also find new tourism packages.

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