Bali Day Tours from Kuta

bali day tours from kuta

get bali day tours from kuta

Things to do and get information about Kuta

Kuta is one of many popular areas of tourism in Bali. It is also possible for you to have Bali day tours from Kuta. There are many places to visit in Kuta area. For those who love surfing very much, there is Kuta beach available for them. If you want to have fun, there are plenty of entertainments you can get. If you have got enough in Kuta, you can start to explore other part of Bali. There are still many things you have to see while you are in Bali. Numbers of agents offer Bali day tours from Kuta packages that you may choose. They will take you to see other beautiful places, as good as in Kuta. It is now depend on your preference. Some of the trips can be done in only a day and you will be able to get back soon to your hotel in Kuta. Some are available for you in a couple days. You can easily ask for information from your hotel staff about what place are good to visit and how to get there.

Here are some popular destinations for your Bali day tours from Kuta that are recommended and worth to visit.

Place of interests can visit from Kuta

Batur Mountain

If you like are an adventurer, you will not miss the chance to visit Batur mountain. Batur Mountain is located in Kintamani village, only one hour by driving from Kuta. It belongs to one of some sacred mountains in Bali. Batur has so beautiful nature panorama that many visitors from all around the world to enjoy it. The fresh and cool air is so relaxing. The surrounding is so green. It is such an appropriate place to retreat from your busy day in Kuta. Arriving there, you can enjoy the panorama from Penelokan spot to see the mountain from the distance along with BaturLake,side by side. Here, you can also continue your trip up to the top of the mountain. The best moment is when sunrise or sunset time. But, you can do the trip anytime as there are always many tour guides who will lead you there. The trip usually takes around 2 hours or more. One excellent choice for Bali day tours from Kuta.


Find more beautiful panorama in Ubud area where you can see beautiful rice terrace in Tegalalang village while enjoying luwak coffee. The best view is when the rice is still green. Another option is you can meet with hundreds of monkeys in Sacred Monkey Forest. Meet them there and try to take a selfie with them is a nice experience.

West Bali National Park

You can escape to West Bali National Park for your Bali day tours from Kuta, to get calmer holiday. This place is on the western part of Bali, so you need more less 3 hours to get here. Here you can enjoy the natural view from the hill and sea. Not only that, this area has great underwater view so it is recommended for you to try snorkeling or diving in here. You can also visit conservation site for endangered bird, Bali Sterling, which is also known as the iconic bird of Bali.

You may hire a driver if you want to have Bali day tours from Kuta,and have a nice holiday in Bali.

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