Are you planning holiday to Bali?



Are you planning holiday to Bali…?. You may have worked hard and decided that this is the right time to have a break and refresh your body and soul,,, or you really want to please your lover to go on a second honeymoon even the third,,, he he he,,,,,

Whatever your reasons for planning your ┬áholiday in Bali, it’s not important, what more important is to know what you will do during the holidays. Make a list of items to be taken during a vacation in Bali is important so you will not miss anything. A survey has shown that only a few people who take their time, plan and make a list of items they want to bring in their vacation.

Before having holiday to Bali, you should sit down and spend some time to make a plan, so that you can decide the contents of your bag properly. Here is an example of how to plan a holiday destination based on that holiday to Bali to be effective and efficient

Activity # 1: Spend the whole day at the beach
During the holidays in bali, beach is one of the favorite places to visit.There are beautiful beaches in Bali such as Kuta Beach and Sanur Beach or Nusa Dua beach. You should visit this beach during your vacation in Bali. Do not forget that you have to think about what you would do at the beach.
Ok I think that you will spend the whole day at the beach, sunbathing and surfing. If so, then you should consider taking sunblock, sunglasses, and a surf board.

Activity # 2: Sightseeing
Bali has endless breathtaking views for you to gaze upon.Wheather it,s calming sunsets,beautiful lakes,majestic montains,your eyes will be spoilt with amount of beauty this island has got to offer.Take time and explore the unbeaten tracks to the corners of the island.
If you are planning to take a tour of the town and the village, you have to bring this stuff: map, calculator, credit card (for shoping yes,,,,), camera, cell phone, hat and sunglasses .

Activity # 3 :Museum and Galleries

In Bali ,life is art,and art is life.Bali has an endless collection of artistic expressions in an enriching display.Come and appreciate their excellent collections or even better take one home! (why not!!)

Activity # 4 :Shopping

Whatever you looking for,Bali has all kinds of places to blow your mind.With everything from antiquities,and temporary items to designer jewellery available,Bali has an equally exhaustive,and potentially exhausting,variety of things to buy.

So what else do you want to do during holiday in Bali,,,? tell us and see you in Bali,,,




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