4 reasons why you have to visit Ubud

Almost everyone knows the village of Ubud but not everyone knows what we can enjoy in Ubud,,,,,,,,? In this article I tried to discuss the reasons why you should spend the holidays in Ubud.Located approximately 40 km from Ngurah Rai airport is a very appropriate choice making a vacation experience that is very beautiful and unforgettable. And of course you still remember about the movie starring Julia Roberts called Eat Pray and Love, which is one of the shooting locations in Ubud,,,,,,,,

4 reasons why you should visit Ubud,,,,

1. Ubud is the art center of the village in Bali dance, carvings and paintings
Here you will often meet directly with artists, art collectors ,many art shops, galleries and museums indicates the art village of  Ubud makes a vein .Your life seemed to live in a society that honors the heritage of art and stay awake until now. Though flooded with tourists, Ubud has always guarantee a sense of tranquility and peace, making it a favorite for tourists who would like a silence.

2. Ubud is a major shopping destination art

Ubud art market is a market that always busy with travelers  who hunt painting, sculpture, silver, gold etc.The centre of crafts, painting a very famous from ancient times to the present merchants with affordable prices and a friendly shop staffs, ready to help you.

3. Affordable accommodation

Ubud offers accommodation which varied according to the contents of your bag, and a hallmark of many Ubud offers a luxury hotel or villa surrounded by nature is still natural overlooking the rice fields,,,,. Do not miss the traditional massage or spa to relieve stress and also have many culinary tourism choice

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