Dreamland Bali Beach Places to Visit in Bali

Dreamland Bali Beach Places to Visit in Bali

Dreamland beach Bali location

Dreamland beach Bali location is on the southern island, you can reach this beach is about 30 minutes from Kuta Beach. The beach is still beautiful and natural is located at the southern tip of South Badung. You’ll find this beach on the way to the famous temple in Bali, Pura Uluwatu. Dreamland Bali beach was in the village of Pecatu, Badung regency.

Bali Dreamland beach is a hidden beautiful beach of this coastline was first introduced to the world when the popular pop/rock Band, Michael Learns to Rock shot their musical video clip: Someday in 1996. The beach is mainly highlighted with the soft pearly white sand shore that stretches some 1 kilometer and is considerably cleaner than most beaches in Bali.

Rocky cliffs Dreamland beach in Bali

As any beach at the Bukit Peninsula area, Dreamland is also decorated with beautiful rocky cliffs on its shore which radiate an enchanting atmosphere. The vast stretching shoreline also makes it a perfect place to bask under the tropical sun or to stroll along the indulging sands, or simply sit down and immerse oneself in the dream-like beauty of nature. As daylight slowly fades, the brilliant colors of sunset over Dremland’s horizon will surely confirm why this beach got its name.

Things to do in Dreamlands beach Bali

Dreamland Beach is famous for its surf point , today Dreamland forms part of the integrated Pecatu Graha Resort complex. The complex currently evolves into an elite resort where luxury hotels and other facilities are being built, offering world-class amenities and services. Among features already operating in the complex are the New Kuta Golf resort, New Kuta Green Park, and the Klapa New Kuta Beach Exclusive Club Restaurant.


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