Day Trips Bali to Kerta Gosa Klungkung

Day Trips Bali to Kerta Gosa Klungkung

Plan a trip to Kerta Gosa Bali

Kerta Gosa Klungkung is one of Balinese heritage situated in the hearth of Semarapura Town, about 40 km east s of Denpasar City.Kerta Gosa is one of the famous tourism destinations in Bali and many visited by tourist everyday. It’s name taken away from a Sanskrit namely Kertha which is meaning Peaceful and Gosa from the Gosita word mean announcement. Thereby, the word’s meaning of Kertha Gosa is a building of a kind Jurisdiction in form of Bale for the king who announces the legislation, jurisdiction, penalization etc. It has very unique building and full of high art value so it becomes unique place to visit in Bali. If you want to see Kerta Gosa Kelungkung you have to take one day trips Bali program.

Kerta Gosa is founded in 18 century and it has a lot of changed in 20 century. These building have been renovated after earthquake that brought much destroy in year 1971. What makes it difference iso the ceilingof this building made from the asbestos material fully decorated by the traditional painting with Kamasan style famous in 1930. It has been restored and renewed according to the original style in 1960.

Day Trips Bali to see traditional painting

If you have this day trips Bali you will see kamasan style painting. The traditional painting to persuade the violators to not repeat the offense (recidivism) because the Hindu society in Bali have heard the story of Bima Swarga Bima Swarga is an excerpt from Mahabaratha epic that share the experience of Bima, one of princes from Panca Pandawa, when searching the spirit of his father in the afterlife is saying tortures. Many events have been seen at one given the answer to all the questions why the soul or spirit were there and tortured.

During the Dutch colonization (1908 – 1942), Kerta Gosa is still used as a court to persecute the violators especially criminal. In line with the colonial administration, the Indonesian Law has changed from the legal system Majapahit heritage (Traditional) into the continental law system which is brought by the Dutch. The changes of the system are not means to retaliation, but improve the perpetrator to be accepted back into their society. By this concept, the word of Penjara (Jail) has changed into Lembaga Pemasyarakatan (LP). form of fire prosecution by Cikabakala. Hopefully, after the seeing these visuals, the violators realize against the crime resulted in suffering, hence it can prevent the recidivism.

There is a stately monument made by black stone in form of Lingga Yoniwith a high of 28 meters and built on 123 meter square land In front of Kerta Gosa complex, exactly across the street. It is a Puputan Klungkung Monument and inaugurated on 28 April 1992. This monument is a memorial of an historical Puputan under the leadership of Klungkung King against the Dutch soldiers event on 28 April 1908. This is an evident of persistent resistant against Dutch colonial effort to dig its claw into imperialism in Bali.

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