Choosing the Best Experience of Bali One Day Tour with Your Partner

bali one day tour

bali one day tour

Bali One Day Tour with Your Partner

If you want to get Bali one day tour with your partner, you must decide the theme of your trip. Some may like the nature, the other prefer art and culture and the rest want to enjoy the beautiful panorama in Bali. It will be wise if you and your partner have similar interest. But, if it is not occured you have to find its solution by combining your trip theme. It is right to make everyone happy with the trip. Moreover, the full day trip may spend 9 until 10 hours. This may give you pressure if the itinerary does not suit you.

The advantages of taking one day tour with partner

Taking Bali one day tour with your partner will give you some advantages. First, you can enjoy your trip in Bali with your best partner whether your best friend or your beloved. Your partner will complete your trip which can be more interesting than going alone. Second, you can minimize the trip cost together. It will make your saving is still safe. Moreover, you can share the cost together. It will be great. So, you can use the money for something important. Last but not least is by having someone beside you along the trip will make you feel safer and less stressful. Going to every parts of Bali with your partner give you safe feeling because you have someone whom you rely on.

Some best place choices to make your one day tour become fun

Commonly Bali one day tour spends 9 until 10 hours which is started at 8 a.m. and ended around 6 p.m. Some interesting places become main destination for foreign tourist. Here are one day tour packages offered by some travel tour.

  1. Ubud Village Tour

If you want to see art and culture in Bali, you can choose this tour. It is because Ubud has become the center of art and culture development in Bali. Ubud has Celuk village which is famous as gold and silver handicraft. You will see many shops and galleries presenting their own masterpiece such as earrings, ring, neckalce, brooch, hairpin and even small statue. The other city in Ubud which has same popularity is Mas village. There, some artist communities are productively make scluptures which describe human activities and phylosophy.

2.Mount Batur Trekking

Your partner and you have similar hobby in trekking, don’t you? Well, by having Mount Batur trekking will boost your adrenaline to explore the beauty of Mount Batur. It such as an challenging trip which you can share with your partner. Enjoy the trekking by seeing beautiful panorama along the trip. You will see the non-active volcano of Mount Batur along with the beauty of Batur Lake. It will be great trip!

3.Dolphin Attraction Tour

If you want to see beach panorama in the north of Bali for your one day tour, visiting Singaraja is the best choice. You cannot ignore the beauty of beach in the morning with some dolphins attraction there. You can stay 1 night in the nearest inn or hotel to have a chance in seeing the dolphin early in the morning.

4.Bedugul Tour

Bedugul is located in Tabanan regency which is around 60 kilometers from Denpasar. It may take two and a half hours to get there. In Bedugul, you will feel the different climate from the city. It is beacuse Bedugul is located in mountain. Bedugul provide natural garden with fresh air. If you want to enjoy your time by seeking for calm place you must visit this place. Near Bedugul there is Beratan Lake which is resting area for the tourists. You may spend your time there for lunch. There will be unforgettable moment by having leissure time there.

5.Besakih Temple Tour

Besakih is the biggest Hindu temple in Bali. If you are interested in architecture combined with culture and history, you may visit this temple. Your guide will give you brief information of this temple and how do Balinese people worship there.

6.West National Park

West National Park is located in Jembrana, the western part of Bali. For Bali one day trip, it will be the longest trip for you because the distance is quite far. It is 78 kilometers from Denpasar which needs 3 hours to arrive. The park has the Bali extinc bird called Jalak Putih (Leucopsar rothschidi)

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