Bali Day Tours For Students

Bali Day Tours For Students

Bali Day Tours For Students

Bali Day Tours For Students

Bali is an island whose numerous places of interests for everyone. It is of course appropriate as well to conduct bali day tours for students. The accomodation is such an easy matter as there are many travel agents provide transportation for large number such as for students.

Bedugul Botanical Garden

Bedugul Botanical garden is located in Tabanan regency. This place is very suitable to bring the students as it is wide and big. This place is very green with numbers of plant type growing there such as trees, orchid or rose garden or other flowers. The cool weather is very relaxing and enjoyable for spending a bali day tour for students. Many activities can be conducted such as picnic, learning about plants, or outbond activity. The ticket is very affordable and can be obtained on the spot or via advance booking.

Taman Nusa

Taman Nusa is located in Gianyar regency in Bali. This is a good place for studying about culture of many etnics in Indonesia in term of the traditional house. In Taman Nusa Cultural Park, the students are provided with numbers of unique traditional houses which rich with historical and culture value. Not only the houses, the students are also able to meet the local people of certain area. Traditional dance from certain ethnic is performed to give more entertainment for all visitors. One good spot as bali day tour for students to learn about culture of Indonesia.

Bali Safari and Marine Park

This place is appropriate for bali day tour for students as the students can play while learning about many animals live all around the world. Bali Safari and Marine Park is located in Gianyar Bali, very near with Taman Nusa Cultural Park. It takes around 20 minutes only to reach it from Taman Nusa. Bali Safari and Marine Park has special packages for the students only to lead them spend one day tour meaningfully. The packeges are different based on the age of the students. Learning about animal is somehow a fun activity that can be done by the students. This is one stop recreation where students can see various animals, students can have fun in its playground, and it is also supported with restaurants for having lunch etc.


Playing in the water will be an activity that is loved by almost all ages especially for students. So, bali tour students package is possible to be led to certain waterpark available in Bali. Students can enjoy every watersport such as water sliding, etc. They can test their adrenaline by trying extreme games from the high places. This kind of activity is easily brings laughter and fun for the students. This place is really suitable for students who have limitless energy.

Water sport

Another bali tour students package is still dealing with water activity. Guide the students to experience numbers of water sports activity such as banana boat, flying fish, glass bottom, snorkling, and many more. Let them enjoy all the activities under the bright sunlight and with the touch of sea breeze.

There area many places can be spots for bali day tour for students. Just adjust it with the needs of the students.


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